Financing Options

If you like the idea of having ownership of your car, prefers paying off your loan, and don’t like the risk of possible lease-end charges, then you should consider finance as an option.

As a finance customer, throughout the term of your finance contract, your payments will consist of part principal and part finance charges. Each payment you make increases the amount of equity you’ve built up in your vehicle.

  • The benefits of financing your vehicle with Honda Financial Services are:
    • You are the owner of the vehicle.
    • All retail loans are open and you may pay out the finance contract at any time without prepayment penalties.
    • Simple interest method to calculate interest charges.
    • No kilometer charges.
    • No wear and tear charges.
    • Build equity.
    • Flexible terms.
    • Once all the payments have been made, you own the automobile.
  • Things to be taken into consideration:
    • Monthly finance payments are typically higher than monthly lease payments as you are financing the total cost of your vehicle.
    • You are responsible for insurance coverage. Required coverage typically is detailed in your financing agreement.
    • You are responsible for maintaining the automobile. A maintenance schedule is outlined in the owner’s manual.

    End of Your Finance Contract – What’s Next?

    After making your payment each month for the duration of the financing contract, the vehicle is all yours. So what comes next? Negotiating a trade-in with your dealer may be a great way to come up with a down payment for your next Honda. You can also sell your vehicle privately or keep driving it for years to come – it’s your decision to make. For more information about your options at the end of your finance contract, please contact Olympic Honda at 519 836-0640

    Top Six Reasons Why You Should Not use Your Line of Credit To Pay for a Vehicle
    1) Interest rates fluctuate with prime which can result in variable payments – unknown interest and unknown terms.

    2) Lines of credit are designed for emergencies and investment opportunities – Don’t get caught without a backup plan.

    3) Many lines of credit are secured by your home; credit providers consider this a second mortgage – default of payment for any reason allows the bank to repossess your home.

    4) Lines of credit were designed as interest only loans – Interest only payments result in long term liabilities without assets.

    5) Your credit line is a demand note – your our banks has the right to demand payment in full, at their discretion at any time, with or without cause. If you do not have the cash to pay off your line they will use their “Right of Offset”.

    6) Our full service finance team represents all major banks and can negotiate the best terms and conditions on your behalf – fixed term open loans save you money and allow you to trade sooner.